Chicago Jet Group and ICG pursuing STC for Dassault Falcon 900 Aircraft

Chicago Jet Group and ICG pursuing STC for Dassault Falcon 900 Aircraft

Approvals will cover Dassault Falcon 900 series aircraft
Press Release – For Immediate Release: February 14, 2012

Chicago/Aurora, IL, February 14, 2012 – Chicago Jet Group announced today that it is on schedule to obtain a group Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to install a version of the Sora advanced voice and data satellite communications system from International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) for the Dassault Falcon 900 series aircraft.

The version being installed by Chicago Jet Group is a Sora ig+ package which combines ICG‟s Iridium voice and data transceiver, the NxtLink Series ICS-220A Iridium Communications System, with Cobham‟s newest antenna, the IGA-5001 Intermediate Gain Inmarsat Swift Broadband (SBB), and the SDU-7320 Satellite Data Unit. The ICS-220A combines dual channels of global voice and data service with a third “Short Burst Data” (SBD) channel in a single 2 Master Control Unit (MCU) Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). The system supports Safety Voice, Future Air Navigation System (FANS1/A), Controller Pilot DataLink Communications (CPDLC) and ADS-C messaging, as well as meeting Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) requirements.

“By collaborating with ICG and installing their Sora ig+ package, we are able to provide a versatile solution to our clients,” said Mike Mitera, President of Chicago Jet Group. “This state-of-the-art equipment provides global coverage, including the Polar Regions. It is easier to retrofit, draws much less power and is significantly lighter in weight than previous Satcom systems it will replace. The customer is going to get more „bang for the buck,‟ better coverage for a fraction of the cost of the Inmarsat systems of the past.”

“This STC approval will also satisfy two soon-to-be-implemented regulatory requirements that are just around the corner for the Falcon 900 operators. It will equip them to meet the CPDLC
requirements for flying the North Atlantic Tracks between Flight Level FL360 and FL390 which will take effect in February, 2013. It will also meet the LINK 2000+ requirements in Europe, for aircraft operations above FL285, which will be enforced beginning in January, 2014,” he added. With this STC, Falcon 900 operators will be able to maximize their use of Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A over Iridium (FOI) features and Global DataLink, to enhance operational efficiency and fuel conservation. It will make it possible for them to fly more direct routes with reduced lateral separation minimums on FANS flight tracks.

ICG‟s Sora systems gives flight crews a global voice Satcom system that can serve as an alternative to a second High Frequency (HF) radio. Sora is compliant with the emerging technology requirements of the NextGen safety services which promise to improve reliable communication on transoceanic flights. It enables WiFi devices such as smartphones and personal computers to operate on a high speed SBB channel, while the cabin passengers and crew communicate using Iridium‟s worldwide voice. Additionally, the flight crew can utilize a dedicated Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) channel for CPDLC and ADS-C data link messaging. ICG‟s proprietary preemption and priority software also permits both voice channels to be shared with passengers in the cabin while providing the flight crew with a dedicated Iridium voice channel.

To take full advantage of Sora’s advanced technology, ICG is offering a new cordless ePhone which allows passengers to enjoy unencumbered freedom to move about the cabin while using the Iridium voice channel. The new handset has an ergonomically appealing design with large color display and features that are familiar and expected by today‟s tech savvy users. Chicago Jet Group has finished installing the system for the Falcon 900 series aircraft at its Chicago/Aurora facility and expects to complete flight testing and certification by the end February 2012. Customer availability for installations from Chicago Jet Group is expected to begin in March 2012.

Chicago Jet Group and ICG pursuing STC for Dassault Falcon 900 Aircraft